Through the culture of dance such values as discipline, hard work, dedication, focus, excellence, tolerance and maturity were strongly reinforced. I believe the arts have the ability to transcend and transform. During my teaching experiences with children, I have witnessed the transformative effects that the arts can provide.  I am hoping to teach American Jazz and Contemporary dance to young students as I also learn about their culture and share elements of mine.

Learning Through The Arts

Global activism and jazz dance



Several years ago, a childhood friend, her mother, my mother and self-were sitting around talking and laughing one evening.  In that conversation, my friend and I were tickled at stories and antidotes our mothers shared with us.  Our relationships being what they were, the evening could not conclude without our mothers giving us a full assessment of us as individuals and all that was necessary for us to have successful lives!  Everything from the places where we hung out, the way we wore our hair (a big one), the men we dated, the ones we needed to meet and marry, their views of “black Americans”, the importance of education on and on… Their long laundry list of suggestions made my friend chime in, “no one would believe what our mothers say to us about us!”  Whereupon I stated I should get some of my friends and say to them,  “hey, hey, let me tell you about my mother and what she thinks about her daughter.”  My friend then stated, you know, “you should write a play about this because no one would believe it”, (more laughter!)  From that point, an idea was born.